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Welcome to Victorian era London - A world of fog and gaslights!

About the Game:

Fog & Gaslights: A Victorian Era RPG is a multi-fandom rpg set in London, England. It is not necessary to have a detailed knowledge of the city or of the time period to participate. You're only goals are to help recapture the "spirit of the age" and to have a jolly good time. Beyond this, there is no particular plot for the game. That will be created by the players and their characters as the game progresses.

When the game begins, the "date" will be "Monday, Dec 15, 1884". The various characters will be preparing for the Christmas season, just arriving in London for the first time, going about their daily routines, attempting to find new prey, etc...

Taken Characters:

Count Dracula/Alucard (Dracula/Hellsing) - blood_count
Toshizo Hijikata (Shinsengumi) - toshizo
Hajime Saito (Shinsengumi) - yamaguchihajime
Hide Yagi (NHK Shinsengumi drama) - yagihide
Soji Okita (Shinsengumi) - okita_sojirou
Mitsu Okita (Shinsengumi) - ane_san
Akesato (Shinsengumi)
Megumi Takani (Rurouni Kenshin) - takani_meg

Characters We Will Consider for the Game:

fogandgaslights is open to all characters from anime, manga, novels, etc which are set in London or other parts of England during that era. Some suggested choices are Godchild, Victorian Romance Emma, Dracula, Sherlock Holmes, Around the World in Eighty Days, and the various characters created by Charles Dickens.

We also accept characters from other sources which are contemporary with England's Victorian era. An example of this would be the anime Rurouni Kenshin, which is set in Meiji era Japan (1868-1913).

Members of the Shinsengumi, a historical group of swordsmen who appear in various media (Peacemaker Kurogane, Kaze Hikaru, Rurouni Kenshin, NHK Shinsengumi, Shura no Toki, etc) are another option. Some members, such as Hajime Saito and Shinpachi Nagakura, lived well into the time period. (If you can come up with a good excuse why a "dead" member of the Shinsengumi might still be alive and well, they will also be considered for play!)

Characters from sources which involve time-travel will also be considered. If you know of a character who could logically arrive in Victorian era London, feel free to suggest them!

You may choose two characters to play.

About the "Dates" of Various Stories:

Unfortunately, few sources will have stories set at exactly the same point in time during the Victorian era as the game. Some, such as Around the World in Eighty Days, took place during the 1870s. Others, such as Dracula, do not take place until the 1890s. Since the rpg is set in the mid-1880s, some departure from the original source may be necessary to fit a character into the events of the game.

In general, if the source of the character was set before the "time" the game takes place in, then it can be assumed that the events in the original story have already happened. In those instances players can just depict what they believe that character might be doing now. This may not make sense for all characters however. Some characters from the books of Charles Dickens might be too old in the 1880s for instance. It will be up to the first person to take a character from a given series to decide if a "shift" in the time the events are supposed to be occuring is necessary.

For those that take place in the 1890s, the original dates for when the events in the story were supposed to be happening will be ignored. The basic events will remain the same, but the characters will "remember" that these things happened in the 1880s. They can either be going on at the exact time the game is occuring, or else they can be shifted back to a year or so before the game's first "date". (For instance, the events of Dracula will be supposed to have occured a year before the events in the game, ignoring the final "note". The game will pick up where the book left off.)

Stories set at exactly the time the game is occuring can just pick up the game following the last event that would have occured before the "date" in the rpg. Those with no dates just pick up after the last event that occured in the story.

Because the game does not place emphasis on "historical accuracy", any slip-ups that might result from this will be ignored.

Game Rules and How to Join:

Only actual game posts should be made to the game community. All OOC posts about game issues, questions, etc. should be made to the community's Yahoo mailing list, fog_and_gaslights. All rpg community members must be a part of the mailing list in order to stay informed about rpg issues and to have access to community files, etc.

The community has a misc. character journal for players to use: london_folk. The game's rules include instructions on how to use it for posting NPC characters.

Here is a copy of the game's rules and code of conduct. We ask that all players please read them before submitting an application or posting to the community.

The game community is open to posting only by members of the rpg. If you wish to join please fill out this application and email it to the community moderator.

Thank you for your time and interest!

Please contact the moderators with any questions, comments, etc. you may have about the rpg:

MissBehavin (MissB) - Warg3791@aol.com

Posting to the RPG begins August 25, 2006.