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I don't do mornings

Wed, Dec 17, 1884 - Morning - Hijikata's House

Posted by toshizo on 2007.02.10 at 22:59


London Folk
london_folk at 2007-02-12 07:28 (UTC) (Link)
Hijikata's letter to Soji is written in Japanese and reads:


Sorry I could not wait for you to wake up, but I have some urgent business to attend to for Saitou. Also I am afraid the hunt did not go well last night and now there seems to be another problem I need to look into... Well, I'll tell you all about that business later. In the meantime, don't go walking through any of the parks whatever you do. That mutt is more dangerous that I thought.

If you need to go before I get back have Mr. Cox drive you home in the carriage. They should be keeping some food warm for you in the kitchen as well.

Hopefully I'll be back before you go.


PS: If you don't mind, please take this rat with you? We have too many pets already. I think the note from Jones said it was a 'sugerglider'.

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