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I don't do mornings

Wed, Dec 17, 1884 - Morning - Hijikata's House

Posted by toshizo on 2007.02.10 at 22:59


okita_sojirou at 2007-02-11 08:48 (UTC) (Link)
A lady...in a dainty lavander dress. Smiling, always smiling. Her hair tied up in an elegant coif of pearls, some of her chestnut curls escaping in playful wisps around her face. Her skin is porcelain white and smooth, but her cheeks are dusted pink like the petals of a rose.

She calls out to something...someone...And they come rushing to her. Small someones...their colors as if being eroded by the wind.

Then she turns to me, her smile is no longer made of sunshine. But a more mellow one...like that of the fading light at sunset. But her eyes...

Blue. Forever blue.

Like the sky...
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