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Western Hijikata

Wed, Dec 17, 1884 - Morning - Hijikata house.

Posted by toshizo on 2007.02.15 at 03:31
After returning home from my visit with Lydgate, I ride Oni around to the stables. As I dismount I am startled by the sudden appearance of Mr. Cox, who I had assumed would be out at the moment. He informs me that he has yet to be called to take "Mr. Okita" home and offers to take my horse. I hand Oni over to his care and head into the house through the back entrance.

I find Evans and learn that Souji has yet to wake up. Hmph. The children must have really ran him in circles last night. I feel a sudden sliver of guilt for putting him at their mercy and resolve to make it up to him later.

Around the house.Collapse )

Sally is complaining about the cold even before we get out the front door. I give her a sharp look. "If you really find it so cold, then perhaps you should let it serve as encouragement for you not to dilly-dally."

She gives me a meek, "Yes, Ma'am," in reply.

Todd is waiting for us outside and has already hailed a cab for us. I sigh, wishing we could take the carriage. Unfortunately the Master left instructions for it to be left in case Mr. Okita should need it. We'll just have to brave the cold in this contraption.

What the servants are up to.Collapse )

After stopping by Rosvear-san's house and leaving a message for her, I turn my horse back towards Mayfair. My main concern as I ride away that she will not get it in time. If I had some idea where I might find her I would go there and make certain...

A chat with Lydgate and Fisk.Collapse )


December 17th, 1884 - Later that morning, Hide's House

Posted by yagihide on 2007.02.11 at 18:11
Current Mood: worriedworried
I have only just returned home when there's a knock at the door behind me.  The young man standing there is slightly breathless, holding out a note.  "For Lady Rosvear, express."  I fish out a coin to tip the boy - what could have prompted such haste?
Miss Hide,
    I have a strange feeling about a man I met today when my Gilbert took me on a tour of Scotland Yard.  There was a man detained there who caught my attention, he was named "Fujita Goro".  I gave him some cigarettes but he was not very talkative, but I was rather intrusive given his circumstances, but I sincerely believe I've seen him before.  Is this someone you know?  If it is not please disregard this message. 
    Soon we must meet, we are planning a small ceremony but I do want you to be there as my matron of honor. 
I read the letter - Fujita Goro, why, that's Hajime.  What happened to him after we parted?  Not hesitating I turn on my heel, putting my gloves back on.  I gather up my wraps again and run down to the kitchen, where Peter is peeling carrots.  "Peter, I must go out."  I stop, looking around.  "Where is Nan?" 
"She wanted to go and get more food before the snow hits, in case it is too much tomorrow."  Ben sleeps in his basket, and I know that I can't leave him alone with just Peter, and not happy that Nan did.  Peter is a capable young man but an infant is not something he is accustomed to.  Going through Nan's mending basket, I find enough long strips to fashion a Onbuhimo, but the Chinese style that carries the child in front.  This way I can keep a better eye on him and wrap us both in my cloak, where only the top of his head, covered in an old cap of Peter's pokes out by my neck.  "Sorry about this, young man, but we need to go see about your friend." 
Ben looks up at me with his big dark eyes and for a moment I wonder what business I have getting involved.  It is enough that I chase madly after him, but this is much more serious, if he is, as Miss Sophie said, -detained-. 
Peter stops his work and looks up at me, grabbing a slice of bread from the table.  "What's going on?" 
"I need to run back out and see to something about Mr. Saitou," I tell him.  "Watch the house until Nan comes back, I doubt I'll be too long." 
Outside I hail a carriage, and I listen to the driver grumble about the weather the entire time.  Maybe this errand is a foolish one... but who else could Fujita Goro be?  And why?

(OOC: Hide has exited, any letters, etc can still be delivered here)

I don't do mornings

Wed, Dec 17, 1884 - Morning - Hijikata's House

Posted by toshizo on 2007.02.10 at 22:59
Current Mood: crankycranky
The clock on the wall indicates that much of the morning has already slipped away, but to my exhausted body it feels as though Todd is throwing open the bedroom curtains obscenely early. I groan and grumble about having to get up so damned soon after having been out most of the night, but I drag myself out of my nice, warm bed as he prepares my morning toiletry.

Rising, but not shining.Collapse )

I arrive at my destination after taking leave of Hide. To my surprise Howard was not in our usual meeting place, instead I am led via the back entrance to Whitehall by a man dressed in plain clothing. Even a nitwit could tell that Howard operated his department by himself without much interference from the rest of the Met, the backdoor entrance, the security to get into the CID and even his office seems to be a statement to the rest that just like I’ve heard, he was an empire within an empire.

“You can leave.” Howard dismisses the man behind me and immediately I hear the door close. The office is dark and I wonder where the windows are, if anything I could give this man a few hints on how to intimidate someone. First off place his desk behind a window, so that the light can blind whoever is standing in front of him. That always made my detainees squirm. I frown as I hear footsteps right outside the door. Well at least Howard is no fool. I wait for him to offer a seat and to my chagrin he doesn’t do so, one by one my suspicions are making themselves apparent.

A Bad Day at WorkCollapse )

A green cart pulls up in front of the Hijikata house on Curzon Street. "Reid Trading Company" is written in yellow on either side. In the back of it are three large boxes. In the seat next to the driver is a smaller box with several holes drilled into it. From the noises it makes there is something alive inside.

The driver picks this box up and climbs down from his seat, then walks down the steps to the door that leads into the kitchen/basement area of the house and knocks.


Wed, Dec 17th 1885 - Morning - Hide's House

Posted by yagihide on 2007.02.08 at 20:51
Current Mood: coldcold
"Lady Rosvear, you shouldn't be sleeping on the sofa!"  I'm awaken with a bit of a scolding from Nan, and I grin slightly... but it was so -warm- on this sofa, by the fire, with young Ben sleeping soundly in his basket...  I slept uncommonly well last night.  "It was quite a day yesterday, Nan." 

She shakes her head, "Peter was saying something about going out to the park."  I stand up and nod.  "I'll go with him, I'd like to get some fresh air, if you could watch Ben?"  Part of Peter's long road to recovery is walking, and he's fond of Hyde Park.  And of course, right now I'd rather him not be in that area by himself.  If that terrible dog... I shudder slightly, thinking of our run in with a wild beast the other night.  Thank goodness for Hajime...

I go upstairs and dress in a warm, wool Western dress with sturdy boots.  If Peter decides to go to the pond, I learned the hard way that skating and narrow kimono skirts aren't an ideal combination.  While dressing, Nan brings me my tea and mail from the first delivery.  Eagerly, I open the envelope that is marked with a return address in Islington...

Lady Rosvear,

If you would bring the young boy by at your earliest convince, we are ready to take him in if all conditions are satisfactory to all of us.  We just had a space open up and would like to see the child settled before the holidays.  I have included directions, as we have moved a little further out since Josie last came to see me.

She included directions, it's almost out in the countryside.  Quickly I compose a letter for Hajime, to see when would be the best time for him, since he wanted to see where Ben might be able to settle in at.  Looking at the letter something else catches my eye.  Josie?  I try to imagine my supervisor, so feared by the young trainees (and, I must say, myself at that stage), going by such a name.  I also let Nan know that Ben will be leaving soon, but there isn't really anything to gather up.

I come back downstairs, just as Peter is at the door.  "I'll go with you," I tell him.  He rolls his eyes.  "I'm not a -baby- who's afraid of dogs."  He shrugs on his coat. 

I laugh, putting the letter to Hajime in the mailbox by the door as I put a scarf on, trying not to knock my hat askew.  "Who said anything about dogs?  I just wanted a walk... and perhaps to see if the roast chestnut man will be wandering about Hyde Park." 

(OOC:  Hide and Peter exit the house to here)

Woman's Body Hung from Roof of Scotland Yard!

The murderer who has been stalking London these past two nights has struck again, this time claiming the life of a young prostitute named Rose McCoy. However this latest attack is the most horrific yet and has left even the most seasoned inspectors shaken and confused.

The Horrible News from Last Night.Collapse )

I sniff disdainfully as my comrades and I exit the train. As always London smells terrible. Not that it matters much. We came here to do a job, not to sightsee. I turn to the others.

"I want the two of you to check in on Father Raffel and see that he is alright. You might also caution him to leave this business to us from now on," I tell the two men standing on my left. They acknowledge the order and hurry away.

I glance to the man on my right. "You are to find Mr. Toshizo Hijikata and Lord Lydgate and inform them that we will be handling things from here on out. Do whatever you have to, but convince them that their assistance in this matter is no longer required and that it would be in their best interests to stay out of our way. The fools have no idea what they are up against. You might also take a look around Hyde Park and see if you can pick up the fiend's trail there." With assurances that it will be done, he sets off in the direction of Mayfair.

Turning to the last man, I motion for him to follow me. "Come, Fitzhenry. I want to check out that incident at Scotland Yard those men on the train were gossipping about. I suspect our devil might behind that as well."

"Yes, Father," Fitzhenry replies as we exit the train station ourselves. We then hail a cab and request to be dropped off in the general area of this "Scotland Yard". The cabdriver gives us an odd look, but whips his horse and takes us away from the station at a quick pace.

(End thread)

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