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December 17th, 1884 - Later that morning, Hide's House

Posted by yagihide on 2007.02.11 at 18:11
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I have only just returned home when there's a knock at the door behind me.  The young man standing there is slightly breathless, holding out a note.  "For Lady Rosvear, express."  I fish out a coin to tip the boy - what could have prompted such haste?
Miss Hide,
    I have a strange feeling about a man I met today when my Gilbert took me on a tour of Scotland Yard.  There was a man detained there who caught my attention, he was named "Fujita Goro".  I gave him some cigarettes but he was not very talkative, but I was rather intrusive given his circumstances, but I sincerely believe I've seen him before.  Is this someone you know?  If it is not please disregard this message. 
    Soon we must meet, we are planning a small ceremony but I do want you to be there as my matron of honor. 
I read the letter - Fujita Goro, why, that's Hajime.  What happened to him after we parted?  Not hesitating I turn on my heel, putting my gloves back on.  I gather up my wraps again and run down to the kitchen, where Peter is peeling carrots.  "Peter, I must go out."  I stop, looking around.  "Where is Nan?" 
"She wanted to go and get more food before the snow hits, in case it is too much tomorrow."  Ben sleeps in his basket, and I know that I can't leave him alone with just Peter, and not happy that Nan did.  Peter is a capable young man but an infant is not something he is accustomed to.  Going through Nan's mending basket, I find enough long strips to fashion a Onbuhimo, but the Chinese style that carries the child in front.  This way I can keep a better eye on him and wrap us both in my cloak, where only the top of his head, covered in an old cap of Peter's pokes out by my neck.  "Sorry about this, young man, but we need to go see about your friend." 
Ben looks up at me with his big dark eyes and for a moment I wonder what business I have getting involved.  It is enough that I chase madly after him, but this is much more serious, if he is, as Miss Sophie said, -detained-. 
Peter stops his work and looks up at me, grabbing a slice of bread from the table.  "What's going on?" 
"I need to run back out and see to something about Mr. Saitou," I tell him.  "Watch the house until Nan comes back, I doubt I'll be too long." 
Outside I hail a carriage, and I listen to the driver grumble about the weather the entire time.  Maybe this errand is a foolish one... but who else could Fujita Goro be?  And why?

(OOC: Hide has exited, any letters, etc can still be delivered here)


Toshizo Hijikata
toshizo at 2007-02-12 07:48 (UTC) (Link)
With a quick trot Oni carries me from my own doorstep to Rosvear-san's house. Securing him to a handy lightpost, I walk up to the door and knock. A young boy answers and he informs me that she is not home. From the way he looks at me I suspect he's trying to decide if I can be trusted and probably wouldn't be too keen on telling me where she went.

All I can do is give him my name and ask him to give her a message as soon as she returns home. "Tell her that Fujita asked me to let her know he is not going to be able to meet her this afternoon after all. He did not give a specific reason why. Only that he was tied up with something and didn't want her to go out in this miserable weather."

I have no idea if the boy knows him by his new identity or if he knows him as Saitou. I can only hope that I have guessed right.

Excusing myself, I return to my horse and depart to take care of that other business I need to look into...

(Hijikata extis thread)
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