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I don't do mornings

Wed, Dec 17, 1884 - Morning - Hijikata's House

Posted by toshizo on 2007.02.10 at 22:59


Toshizo Hijikata
toshizo at 2007-02-12 07:16 (UTC) (Link)
After I have read the paper I toss it aside and ask Todd to bring me the daily offerings of flower and rice for the family alter. Then I herd the children over to the morning room for so that we can pay our respects to both the gods and the departed. That finished I send the children back to their nursemaid and I instruct Evans to have my horse brought to the front of the house.

"Yes, Sir. But what should I tell Master Okita if he asks where you've gone?"

I give Evans a curious look. "Tell him I'm out and I'll be back later. I don't expect to be gone very long, so let him wait for me if he likes. Though I doubt he'll come around on a day like this." It's just too damned cold to be out without a good reason...

"But, Sir, he's here now!"

"What?" That caught me off-guard.

"Yes, he seems to have fallen asleep in the library. He was still there when I checked on him earlier."

That surprises me a great deal. He spent the entire day with us yesterday and then I asked him to stay with the kids... I just assumed that he would want to go home as soon as possible. It never occurred to me that he might have waited for me to return. Wouldn't that Laurie person be worried about him?

Evans excuses himself and goes about his business. I head over to the library to check in on Okita for myself. Sure enough, there he is all curled up on one of the couches. And not even a blanket to cover himself with. That will not do at all.

I go in search of one for him. While I'm at it, I fetch a pen and some paper and write him a quick note, then have that creature that was sent up from Australia brought to me. I take a quick peek at it through one of the holes. Hmph. It looks like a fuzzy rat if you ask me.

Going back to the library I jot out a quick note to Soji and leave it and the box with the rodent on a table next to the couch. Then I cover him with the blanket so that he'll be protected from the chilly air. Once I am reasonably sure he's comfortable, I leave the room.

Back in the entry hall I stop by the coat closet to prepare to face the nasty weather outside. I'm still pulling on my gloves as I head out the front door to meet Mr. Cox waiting with Oni at the curb. I thank him as I take the reins. Mounting up, I head off down the street.

(Hijikata exits this thread.)

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