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Wed, Dec 17th 1885 - Morning - Hide's House

Posted by yagihide on 2007.02.08 at 20:51
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"Lady Rosvear, you shouldn't be sleeping on the sofa!"  I'm awaken with a bit of a scolding from Nan, and I grin slightly... but it was so -warm- on this sofa, by the fire, with young Ben sleeping soundly in his basket...  I slept uncommonly well last night.  "It was quite a day yesterday, Nan." 

She shakes her head, "Peter was saying something about going out to the park."  I stand up and nod.  "I'll go with him, I'd like to get some fresh air, if you could watch Ben?"  Part of Peter's long road to recovery is walking, and he's fond of Hyde Park.  And of course, right now I'd rather him not be in that area by himself.  If that terrible dog... I shudder slightly, thinking of our run in with a wild beast the other night.  Thank goodness for Hajime...

I go upstairs and dress in a warm, wool Western dress with sturdy boots.  If Peter decides to go to the pond, I learned the hard way that skating and narrow kimono skirts aren't an ideal combination.  While dressing, Nan brings me my tea and mail from the first delivery.  Eagerly, I open the envelope that is marked with a return address in Islington...

Lady Rosvear,

If you would bring the young boy by at your earliest convince, we are ready to take him in if all conditions are satisfactory to all of us.  We just had a space open up and would like to see the child settled before the holidays.  I have included directions, as we have moved a little further out since Josie last came to see me.

She included directions, it's almost out in the countryside.  Quickly I compose a letter for Hajime, to see when would be the best time for him, since he wanted to see where Ben might be able to settle in at.  Looking at the letter something else catches my eye.  Josie?  I try to imagine my supervisor, so feared by the young trainees (and, I must say, myself at that stage), going by such a name.  I also let Nan know that Ben will be leaving soon, but there isn't really anything to gather up.

I come back downstairs, just as Peter is at the door.  "I'll go with you," I tell him.  He rolls his eyes.  "I'm not a -baby- who's afraid of dogs."  He shrugs on his coat. 

I laugh, putting the letter to Hajime in the mailbox by the door as I put a scarf on, trying not to knock my hat askew.  "Who said anything about dogs?  I just wanted a walk... and perhaps to see if the roast chestnut man will be wandering about Hyde Park." 

(OOC:  Hide and Peter exit the house to here)

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